Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Give Away from a good friend of mine.

The Book Living Virtuously: A Wife's Complete Guide to Keeping Her Heart & Home is finally available!  To celebrate the book's arrival, we wanted to give a copy to 5 winners!  We will pick 5 winners this Friday the 17th of October.  That is in 2 days, so get busy and enter this contest.

To read the entire first chapter, go to Amazon and look inside my kindle version of Living Virtuously!
Living Virtuously does not mean perfection. Victory and virtue are gifts to those that persevere on their own journey that God has given no matter what life may bring. It is learning contentment, choosing joy, and being teachable. In this book, we will journey together through Proverbs 31 in the Bible, discovering the traits of a Virtuous Woman. I will take you from the spiritual to the practical, giving you a complete, well rounded perspective of what it means to keep your heart and your home.

In this helpful guide you will learn how to…
• face adversity and find joy in your circumstances
• clean and organize your home so that it is a haven of rest
• be frugal and meal planning
• organizing life so you have more time
• teach your children a good work ethic while embracing motherhood
• control your words and actions
• keep your heart pure
• honor your husband
• find balance in all areas of life


“I highly recommend Erin Harrison's new book, Living Virtuously.
Erin is an energetic wife and mother who has a heart to encourage young mothers to train their children to love God and to have a ministry mindset.”
~Michelle Duggar
Mother of 19 Kids & Counting

“I have looked forward to this wonderful book for a long time. As I read the manuscript, I knew that thousands of women will be blessed to learn the things taught therein. The book is a totally captivating read filled with Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding!”
~Debi Pearl
International Author of Created To Be His Help Meet

"Erin uses her many trials in life to teach women all the wonderful truths and powerful insights she has learned from them, so they can live a life filled with love and virtue. Her book is a treasure chest of wise and practical information that will challenge and encourage you in your quest to become a woman of God, no matter where you are in life."
~Lori Alexander
Always Learning Blog Ministry to Women

About the Author

Erin Harrison is a devoted wife to her husband, Mark Harrison, homeschooler of five beloved children, author of Keeper of the Homestead Blog, and Living Virtuously. She graduated in Fine Arts at Lawrence University 1999, ran her own photography business, and worked in free lance graphic arts and film production for over 10 years. Erin Harrison uses her gift of writing to share her life stories to give others hope. She takes her readers on a journey to discover the joy of keeping their hearts and their homes.

Don't be shy.  Enter to win today!!!  There are many ways to enter, click below to find out.  The winners will be announced on Saturday, October 18, 2014.  I pray this book will be a blessing and encouragement to you.